Exim Engineering is The Best Electronic Drives Supplier USA

Whether you are looking for Electronic, Linear, or Magnetic drives for industrial use, trust us. Exim Engineering is the best electronic drives supplier in the USA. We provide these vital components at reasonable prices and ensure quicker delivery. To help deliver your orders on time, we can also work on weekends and holidays. Before we boast about our capabilities, let’s understand the basics of Industrial electronic drives.

Why are Industrial Electronic Drives Important?

Industrial electronic drives can be considered as the backbone of the modern global industry. They help in making an industrial unit more productive and boost the efficiencies. The main role of electronic drives is to control the voltage and frequency of power supply that goes into an electric motor. The process of controlling speed can help boost process control, cut down on energy usage, and optimize operations of appliances and machines that depend on electronic motors.

Motor Drives can also control ramp down and ramp-up of motors during the stop or start to decrease mechanical stress. These drives are also useful to convert energy from sources like wind, tides, or the sun.

Why Choose Us for Electronic Drives?


As the best electronic drives supplier USA, we provide you with products from top manufacturers such as Baldor Motors and Drives, Invertek Drives, Siemens, Yaskawa, ABB, Emerson, Motoronics, Nidec, Omron Industrial Automation, Leeson and Vacon among others


We also provide future-oriented drives that can help optimize production and availability thanks to digitized data analysis.

Safety and Efficiency

All the drives we provide, be it Electronic, Linear, or Magnetic, will have integrated safety and will be twice as efficient as many older drives. The maintenance will also be easier.

Technical Support

We can help you decide which drives are best for you. Our engineers will analyze your needs and come up with the best options.

Competitive Pricing and Shorter Delivery Timespan

As an authorized supplier and distributor, you can trust us to offer you the best pricing. We also have ample stock available as an electronic drives supplier USA. Hence, we have shorter delivery timespans. We ship all over the USA! Call us now!

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