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Green Waterbased Industrial Floor Coatings/ Industrial Flooring that can be applied and maintain with ease!

The floor coatings in an industrial environment has its own significance by way of its utilities and providing a safe work area. Every industrial application has variety of criteria   such as anti-slippery,non-skidding, specific color and designated area and to maintain with required level of visibility and demarcation. The application of industrial coating for food & beverage, distribution plant and bottling plants are exposure to wear and tear. The exposure to moisture and oil,  movement of fork lift and other goods carrying vehicle inside the  plant  affects the coating severely. Therefore there is a need to give lots of deeper consideration not only to apply the coatings but to maintain it with high  level of visibility and marking  during the operation of plant and the process.

To upkeep the floor coating the maintenance team need to address the same and apart from choice the ease of application plays a major role in selection of floor coatings.

Johnson Coating’s green and sustainable material  with  Waterbased technology or so  called hydro based option has come a long way. With low or negligible VOC(volatile organic compound) the ease of application such as air-dry the floor coating can be applied in vital areas with desired combination of colours. The floor coatings can give surprising results with respect to adhesiveness, smooth and anti-slippery properties. The  long lasting  of Johnson Coating is proven and in use for many applications.Our

Johnson Coating’s green and sustainable materials dry fast, provide smooth appearance to match comparing to  available alternative technology, and perform equal to better depending on application.  It resists thermal shocks/witstands,high pressure steam cleaning, scrubbing, anti-microbial, moisture resistant.

by EXIM on February 12th, 2020

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