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Importance of Lubricated Machinery and How We Can Help?

Lubricant Vendor in USA

Maintaining well-lubricated machinery is essential for every lubrication program. This is why people seek the best Lubricant Manufacturers and Suppliers USA. The lack of proper lubrication applications at set intervals can lead to costly failures and stop business operations. You can connect with Exim Engineering if you need centralized lubrication systems that allow you to distribute the right amount of lubricant to specified locations at pre-decided times by using technologically advanced programmable timers, lubricant injectors and lubricant pumps.

Exim Engineering is a leading provider of lubricants that help keep your machine working fine and avoid costly breakdowns. We are in touch with the best and most Lubricant Manufacturers and Suppliers USA, which allows us to provide you with lubricants in a timely and cost-effective manner without compromising on quality.

Why Centralized Lubrication Systems are Essential?

Also known as automatic lubrication systems, these were introduced in the mid-1930s to make the task of lubrication of machines and equipment easier and resolve flow issues of lubricants like grease. These systems help deliver fluid properly to the designated points, increase application precision and eliminate the risk of human errors. The System controller and injectors can be preset to deliver specific amounts of lubricants at set intervals. The delivery is done when the controller activates the lubricant pump utilizing an air solenoid. It builds pressure in the lines and lubricant flows out of the injectors. After the injection process is complete, a pressure switch deactivates the pump. Any lubricant that remains in the pump is sent back to the reservoir by venting.

If you are seeking Lubricant Manufacturers and Suppliers USA, you should know the workings of the lubrication systems. You should also know how to make the lubrication process more efficient to ensure that you use the right amount of lubricants and don’t waste any of it.

How to Enhance Lubrication Process?

First, you should buy lubricants from reliable sources like Exim Engineering that gets your products from most Lubricant Manufacturers and Suppliers USA at the best prices. After that, you should set up alarms to ensure that lubrication for preventive maintenance is done on time. Also, opt for a high capacity lubricant reservoir that can hold a lot of lubricants and allows you to be worry-free for a long while.

If you install a high capacity lubricant reservoir, it will allow you to buy lubricant in bulk from Exim Engineering as we pass on the wholesale prices offered by Lubricant Manufacturers and Suppliers USA to you. To know more about the pricing and delivery details, call us now!

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High Temperature Furnace Components Manufacturers in USA

Trust EXIM for High Temperature Furnace Components Manufacturers in USA

EXIM Engineering is a leading name when it comes to sourcing from the top high temperature furnace Components manufacturers in USA. In addition to supplying the products, we also offer many other useful services. But before we delve into that, you should know the basics of high-temperature furnace here. 

What’s the Need of High Temperature Furnace?

For those who are unaware, high temperature furnace is a type of laboratory furnace that can reach higher temperatures that range from 1400°C to 1800°C. There are various types of these furnaces like tube furnace, box furnace, etc. 

There are multiple uses of high temperature furnace. They are needed in research labs, university labs, dental labs, and production applications where high temperatures are needed to remove metal, binder, parts curing, melting, ceramic sintering, etc. 

Who are the 5 Top Rated High Temperature Furnace Manufacturers in USA?

Here is the list 5 Top Rated High Temperature Furnace Components Manufacturers in USA

  1. Silcarb-
  2. Keith Company –
  3. Thomas Net – 
  4. Carbolite Gero-
  5. Lucifer Furnaces –

How to Get High Temperature Furnace in USA?

When you want to get products from the best high-temperature furnace components manufacturers in USA, you can trust EXIM Engineering. We offer a complete range of replacement elements, insulation, and furnace hardware for commercial heat treat customers and captive heat treat departments. We are in contact with key high temperature furnace components manufacturers in USA who make our jobs easier. Our team always strives for customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality industrial products. Read more about best high temperature furnace components in USA

The process of purchase through us can be initiated in one of two ways. 

You can send us details of your equipment with the most recent photograph depicting the current condition and list of components you want to be replaced. (form attached)


We will send our Technicians to your site to take measurements and pictures of your provide a detailed estimate.

In addition to being among high temperature furnace components suppliers in USA, our clients trust us for
Furnace Hardware, Thermocouples & Heating Elements, Insulation Products,
Insulations Refractory Bricks, Furnace Rebuild / Repair.

The last one is particularly essential as Furnace rebuilding is a cost-effective way to renew the productive and profitable service life of your system. We can also help with minor repairs related to high temperature furnace components to extend its lifespan and help you get more value for money.


All in all, it can be said that EXIM Engineering is a reliable name for everyone who wants to get products from the best high temperature furnace components manufacturers in USA. We have helped scores of customers in the last few years, and we look forward to helping you as well. And yes, we are taking all possible precautions in times of COVID-19 to keep you and our staff members safe. Call us with your requirements now, and we’d be happy to help. 


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EXIM Engineering- High Temperature Furnace Component Suppliers in USA

EXIM Engineering- High Temperature Furnace Component Suppliers in USA

EXIM Engineering Inc is among reliable high-temperature furnace component suppliers in the USA. We provide turnkey solutions for metal heating elements and the fabrication of the heating plate housing. You can trust us with critical projects as we have a very agile production system that helps us to keep lead times. We are very responsive to time-critical projects and ensure that every task is done with perfection.

The process can be initiated in one of two ways. The existing heating elements and the housing can be reengineered with desired specifications, or we ensure that the same specifications are retained. We can also produce the heating elements and housing on the basis of information provided by filling up the simple forms with desired requirements. Our constant improvement and enhanced capability are enabled to design and manufacture in-house ceramic plates which lead to speeding up of the process further.

EXIM Engineering Inc. strives for customer satisfaction through personalized service and quality industrial products. We offer a complete range of replacement elements, insulation, and furnace hardware for commercial heat treat customers and captive heat treat departments. We are in contact with key high temperature furnace manufacturers in USA who make our jobs easier.

In addition to being among high temperature furnace suppliers in USA, our clients trust us for.
Furnace Hardware
We can provide furnace hardware and related accessories for a wide range of furnace lining applications

Thermocouples & Heating Elements
Thermocouples are temperature sensors that can be embedded in ceramic heaters or elements. They can even be inserted into cassette type quartz heating elements. The purpose is to control or monitor heater temperature.

Insulation Products
Exim Engineering offers insulation solutions which help in enhancing the energy efficiency of technical equipment consistently.

Insulations & Refractory Bricks
We are also providers of Insulating refractory bricks and heat-insulating materials that are applied up to 1000 deg C. They are lightweight and low in thermal conductivity. Still, they are sufficiently resistant to temperature, which means that they can be used on the hot side of the furnace wall.

Furnace Rebuild / Repair
Furnace rebuilding is a cost-effective way to renew the productive and profitable service life of your system. We can also help with minor repairs related to high temperature furnace components to extend its life.

When seeking high temperature furnace suppliers in the USA or for any other need mentioned above, feel free to call us now. 

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Reducing Downtime in Food and Bakery Plants During COVID-19

Reducing Downtime in Food and Bakery Plants During COVID-19

Using and maintaining food-grade motors and drives to reduce the downtime for Food and Bakery plants during the COVID-19 crisis is essential as the demand for products is rising. People who are stuck at home want to eat better and are stocking up on food and bakery essentials for the next couple of months. So, food and bakery plants need to remain operational for more than usual hours.

Downtime Can Halt Everything

Even though bakery equipment and systems are designed for long hours of operation with minimized downtime, there are still areas that need more focus regularly.

The equipment downtime directly contributes to 5-7 % of production capacity, and it can go up to 20%, most plants cannot let it happen. Also, any unplanned downtime cost can hit the bottom line of the company.

Solutions to Reduce Downtime

According to industry surveys, both bakers and equipment suppliers believe the biggest plant downtime challenge involves the maintenance and reliability of equipment.

When motors or bearings begin to fail, the situation can lead to a chain of problems. Downtime may cause injuries when operators and engineers try to repair the system quickly, wanting to get the operation up and running fast. The need is greater than ever to optimize equipment reliability to maximize uptime and productivity and improve worker safety.

High-Efficiency Washdown Motors Can Help

One of the most promising ways to reduce downtime is through the installation of high- efficiency washdown and food-grade motors. A stainless steel washdown motor is suitable in areas where motors are commonly exposed to moisture, humidity, and specific chemicals that cause corrosion.

With the use of washdown motors, flexibility and durability are enhanced, which can yield to minimal operating expenses while increasing uptime.

Specially engineered stainless-steel motors also don’t need paint that could flake into the food, hold in moisture,  and hide corrosion.  They are of  “Totally  Enclosed,  Not  Ventilated”  design, which means that they do not have a fan and fan cover, which are both difficult to clean and could be the breeding space for bacteria.

Today’s high-speed automated bakeries and snack manufacturing plants rely upon innovative and operator-safe equipment. Two challenges bakers and snack manufacturers often face are maintaining their equipment to prevent potential downtime and designing equipment to facilitate cleaning and sanitation. The supply of heavy-duty, food-grade motors with safety features is key to meeting these issues.

 Exim Engineering Inc. committed to providing quality and reliable food-grade motors to ensure minimal downtime and help food and bakery plants to function seamlessly and meet growing customer demands during the coronavirus crisis. For more information, call our team on +1 (714) 758-1000 or drop an email to

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Effect of Closure of Meat and Poultry Plants Because Of Corona Virus

Effect of Closure of Meat and Poultry Plants Because Of Corona Virus

The present pandemic of COVID-19 is creating an entirely new trend in the consumption of food and beverages by the consumers. The recent closure of a couple of meat-producing plants is driving the meat-eaters away from animal protein and is pushing them towards the vegetarian and vegan options. Know more about the effect of Meat and Poultry Plants

Need for Changes

 The manufacturers of food and beverages need to address this demand by gearing up for more flexible operations. It includes the additional filling/refilling packaging and distribution at a considerably shorter time.

It will increase the need to implement a preventive maintenance cycle more frequently. The companies will need to increase their consumption for required components and spares such as conveyor chains and belts, variable frequency drives, speed reducer and lubrication systems.

Exim Engineering Can Help

 Exim Engineering Inc. can help a lot. Our company is capable of providing Conveyor Chain and Belts and other vital spare parts for production lines in the shortest possible time. With more than 25 years of implementing power transmission solutions, the team is dependable, skilled and experienced. We also support food and beverage industries by providing water treatment solutions and systems that help the production of food and ensure that the water that is being used in every stage is 100% pure and contamination-free.

Quick Response Policy

 Another thing that helps Exim Engineering Inc. stand out is our quick response policy. We understand that timely production and distribution are essential for Meat and poultry industries as delays can lead to a fall in demand in the future or worse, customer dissatisfaction. It is why our team gets back to you quickly, and we always have a full inventory. As soon as an order is placed, we try to ship the items like Conveyor Chain and Belts on the same day. It ensures that you get the parts on time, and your production or distribution operations are not halted for long.

Wide Range of Products

 We also provide a wide array of other engineering products, services and solutions. Trust us to provide conveyor components and power transmission essentials like timing belts, sizing belts, V-belts,  chains,  pulleys,  laggings,  idlers,  impact beds,  magnetic separators,  take-up units, sprockets,  speed reducers,  gearboxes,  bearings,  drives,  variable frequency drives,  brakes, clutches,  guide rails,  chain tracks,  articulated feet products,  wear strips,  belts,  chain and grippers among others.

Inquiries regarding quality speed reducers,  speed reducer gearboxes,  speed reducers for conveyor belts,  Radicon rapid product build,  speed reducers and geared motors are also welcome. Our quality speed reducers in California are offered at great prices.

You can view the entire range at EXIM ENG. In case you have inquiries, feel free to contact us on +1 (714) 758-1000 or just drop a quick email to

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Role of a Conveyor System in Food and Beverage Production & Distribution

Role of a Conveyor System in Food and Beverage Production & Distribution

The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to concentrate more on health and wellness. People are now more aware of foods and their impact on their health. They are focusing on foods that will improve their immunity and help them to be healthy. The consumption of nutritional food and beverages is also increasing as everyone wants to be as healthy as possible to be able to fight the COVID-19 virus if they come in contact with it.

Erratic Demand

 Due to these changes in people’s mindsets, there is an erratic demand for specific foods and beverages. Also, the orders to stay at home and social distancing have compelled some people to stock up on products that they think they will need to survive for the next few months.

The Food, Beverages Manufacturing and online distribution companies need to cope up with these requirements.

Need for Smooth Distribution

 To address the enormous magnitude of such requirements,  the food and beverage manufacturers depend on smooth warehousing and distribution channels. If the distribution channels are not working right, it can lead to delays in deliveries and dissatisfied customers. That’s something every company would want to avoid.

To ensure seamless distribution, the Conveyor System and its associated components need very minute attention in all aspects of its maintenance, lubrication, replacement and repair. Exim Engineering Inc. can help there. Our team makes all efforts to support industries associated with Food, Beverages, Dairies and Bakeries by supplying and supporting timely components and systems at reasonable prices.

The Key to All Problems

 Exim Engineering Inc.’s Radicon Rapid Build Center is the key. This capability reduces the turnaround time for replacing Speed Reducer and helps customers to avoid lengthy downtime. In addition to speed reducer bearings,  belts,  drives,  food-grade lubrication can be made available just in time run production.

 We also provide conveyor components and power transmission essentials like timing belts, sizing belts, V-belts, chains, pulleys, laggings, idlers, impact beds, magnetic separators, take-up units, sprockets, speed reducers, gearboxes, bearings, drives, variable frequency drives, brakes, clutches, guide rails, chain tracks, articulated feet products, wear strips, belts, chain and grippers among others.

Clients also trust us for quality speed reducers, speed reducer gearboxes, speed reducers for conveyor belts, Radicon rapid product build, speed reducers, geared motors. Our quality speed reducers in California are offered at great prices.

For more information on the Conveyor System and how EXIM Engineering can help, feel free to call us on +1 (714) 758-1000 or just drop a few lines to Our team will get back to you with expert advice and the best products, services and solutions in the shortest possible time.

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Water Purification For The Entertainment Industry – RO With AMPAC USA

The entertainment industry has for decades now moved towards essential Water Purification equipment that helps them in their day to day operations. Amusement parks, resorts and big entertainment parks like Disney Land and Universal Studios have swimming pools, rides, and products that are used day to day by their customers. Water is an essential part of their cleaning processes as every ride and every product that touches the consumer’s hand needs to be cleaned for better customer experience.

Disneyland, for instance, recycles wastewater for all its rides and has been in partnership with the Orange County Water District (OCWD) for 10 years now. The water used in the park goes to OCWDs Groundwater Replenishment System which ensures regular refills of aquifers. The County does it by using state-of-the-art treatment systems. While Disneyland takes a different approach, most of the entertainment parks install industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems for clean and healthy rides each day!

One major example of cleaning a product is 3D glasses for interesting amusement rides. Even after cleaning thoroughly it is found that these glasses are marked by mineral streaks and have spots on them. The solution to this problem treatment by reverse osmosis systems.

Reverse Osmosis 

This is by far the best solution for treatment which is used to clean the 3D glasses. The system must, however, function within a few limits. The reverse osmosis system alone cannot work on extremely polluted water. The brands, therefore, require a complete solution to the treatment problem that involves several processes and phases of purification. The solution is a system that 

  • Purification of any quality is possible with ease
  • Has lower maintenance and downtime costs
  • Has minimal energy consumption.

Such a system is designed based on the quality of supply the park receives and hence is capable of serving a huge crowd as big as 10 million per year.

How Does This Help the Industry?

A sound RO system has a greater impact on the working of a resort or an amusement park. An efficient machine treats water to its finest quality so that customers use it for experience and the staff members can use it for servicing purposes. Some ways in which the systems have helped the industry are

  • Better customer experience for visitors using 3D glasses as the images are clear and crisp
  • Safe and healthy drinking water with impeccable taste
  • Better experience at swimming pools and bathing rides 
  • Better time management for the staff and faster replenishment.

All things considered, the industrial RO systems provide an excellent solution for treatment which can be used for servicing, drinking, entertainment and cleaning. What better for an industry that attracts millions of customer each year? If you are one such business owner, contact AMPAC USA for the best treatment solutions that are efficient, safe and well equipped for your needs.

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Magnetic Hystersis Design: Boon to Upgrade Capping Solution

The perennial challenge of beverage industry is to address the maintenance and efficient running of bottling plants. Any leakage of  packaged beverage bottle results in a costly affair and breakdown of machinery is another nightmare. The close look towards the challenge is inappropriate Capping Solution of the product or missing on timely maintenance of the equipment. The timely replacement of neck-knives is extremely crucial to the smooth running of production with desired product outputs.

The plastic caps need to be tighten with extremely balanced torque. The more tightening does not result in good fit and tends to open up after hours of packaging operations. Whereas  less tightening opens up another area of challenges which becomes cumbersome to address and control.

Reaching an optimum tightening is much to do with the basics of physics and magnetism. As the saying goes the that things are not simple but made to be simple. The traditional method of utilizing with  reverse magnet sets does not answer all the challenges. This method results in erratic tightening, shocks and vibration along with high decibels all the time. There are frequent break down and needs replacements of components and parts making the task tougher for maintenance team.

On the other hand magnetic hysteresis design opens up the plethora of opportunities for bottling machines and existing plants. The specific magnetic material generates the optimum or desired seamless repetitive torque to tighten the plastic caps.

These hysteresis magnetic capping headsets are compatible with most of the rotary capping machine manufacturers for tightening of plastic cap on glass or plastic bottles.

Precision Tork’s patented hysteresis technology is extremely smooth and needs considerably less component replacement such as chuck knives which has longer operation life span.

The special plastic sliding joint eliminates the possible contamination and host of additional advantages including lifetime-sealed magnets.

Exim Engineering is supported by Precision Tork to address the bottling plant challenges in the region of California….As industrial solution specialist Exim Engineering provides timely support with competitive prices to excel the needs of your organization.

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Green Water based Industrial Floor Coatings/ Industrial Flooring that can be applied and maintain with ease!

The floor coatings in an industrial environment have their own significance by way of its utilities and providing a safe work area. Every industrial application has a variety of criteria such as anti-slip surface, non-skidding surface, specific color for a designated area and to maintain with the required level of visibility and demarcation. The application of industrial floor coating is for food & beverage, distribution, and bottling plants where the floor is exposed to severe wear and tear. Exposure of floor to moisture and oil, movement of forklift, and other goods carrying vehicles inside the plant affects the floor surface severely. Therefore there is a necessity to give deeper consideration not only to apply the coatings but also to maintain it with a high level of visibility and marking during the operation of the plant and the process.

To upkeep the floor coating, it is extremely important for the operations and maintenance team to consider low downtime of the area under maintenance, ease of application and durability of the coat which plays a major role in selection of floor coatings.

Johnson Industrial Coating’s green and sustainable material with Water base technology also known as a hydro based option for concrete has come a long way. With low or negligible VOC (volatile organic compound), the ease of application on concrete such as air-dry the floor coating can be applied in vital areas with the desired combination of colors.

The industrial concrete floor coatings can give surprising results with respect to adhesiveness, smooth and anti-slippery properties. Johnson Industrial Coating is proven for its longevity & durability and is used for many applications under severe wear & tear.

Johnson Industrial Coating uses green and sustainable materials with its dry fast technology, provides a smooth appearance to match compared to available alternative technology, and performs equally or better depending on the application. It resists thermal shocks, withstands high-pressure steam cleaning, scrubbing while being moisture-resistant and anti-microbial.